Completing Arrangements

For the arrangement, some information and items that we need include:

  • Vital Statistical information for your loved one including:
    • Date and place of birth (city and state)
    • Parents names, including mother’s maiden name
    • Marital status and spouse’s full name
    • Education information
    • Social security number
    • Veteran’s information including discharge papers / claim number (DD-214)
    • Pre-arrangement documentation (if applicable)
    • Cemetery lot documentation (if applicable)
  • A recent photograph for cosmetics (if applicable)
  • Photograph chosen for the obituary
  • Clothing for your loved one


In addition, we will assist you in planning your loved one’s services. Some families also request that a member of clergy be present. We have provided a link to a planning checklist here if you’d like to think through some things before meeting with a funeral director.


  • Decide on the location of the services – this can be at our facilities, your church or other facility that is appropriate for hosting services
  • Contact the Clergy / Celebrant / Officiant who will be presiding at the service
  • Set the time for the service
  • Choose the disposition for the deceased (if it has not already been determined) either burial, cremation or entombment
  • Compose obituary, with our assistance if you wish, post it on our website, plus submit it to any appropriate newspapers, if desired – If you’d like to use our online obituary form to help complete this task ahead of time, click here
  • Determine the number of death certificate copies that you will need and we will order them for you
  • Identify family / friends to serve as pallbearers – people in poor health can be named honorary pallbearers
  • Discuss the specific details of the service, if family does not have a celebrant selected


 To view our planning checklist, pre-arranging form or obituary form, please click on the links below:

Planning Checklist


Pre-Arranging Form


Obituary Form